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Tour de France Spectator Tips

Tour de France Spectator Tips

These are my favourite Tour de France Spectator Tips. These help ensure you don't waste time on the day arguing with gendarmes, getting there late, or forgetting things you'll need. And hopefully they stop you looking like an idiot on international television. You can read these Tour de France Spectator tips in more detail in… Read the rest

Mont Ventoux training

Mont Ventou Training

"Mont Ventoux training: is it necessary?", you ask. Ah, Mont Ventoux. My favourite climb in the world (by a mile). Many cyclists have seen Le Geant on TV or read about it. Its eerie moonscape-like upper slopes beckon with a challenge. But you'll find the Mont's slopes littered with the broken dreams of thousands of… Read the rest

Are wider rims better: I ask a wheelbuilder

Are wider wheels better

Are wider rims better? I think so, but to get a professional take on this, I asked local wheelbuilder extraordinaire Josh Beck of XLR8 wheels why wider rims are better on the road. Josh has been building bikes and wheels for 25 years and puts my developing mechanical skills to utter shame. TM: What is… Read the rest

Vegan Cyclist: an adventure, part 1

Vegan Cycling image

Quite a number of months ago, my friend Chris became a Vegan Cyclist (the mirth I need to supress when expressing things in these terms is quite considerable). Chris did this as he'd tried everything to lose weight. And no, not one of those "I've tried everything" people who are still munging down on doughnuts… Read the rest

How tall should cycling socks be: Optimum Sock Height

Cycling socks image

How tall should cycling socks be: an investigation into optimum sock height and its effect on peak cycling performance. Isn't cycling a funny old sport? The whims and whimsies of each individual are divergent, many-varied and ever on display, often in an overt display much like a male peacock's routine. And it's funny how quickly… Read the rest

Atlantic Pyrenees

Atlantic Pyrenees: image from Col de la Pierre St Martin

Ah, the Atlantic Pyrenees: perfect for cycling. I can still remember the buzz of cicadas in the warm, balmy summer air; long, long days; epic Atlantic Pyrenees cycling routes and amazing atmosphere. I remember delicious dinners, cold beers or local wines, going to sleep late and waking up to another warm day of exploring the… Read the rest

Etape du Tour medical certificate

Etape du Tour medical certificate: registering at Etape

All Etape participants need an Etape du Tour medical certificate. The Etape du Tour medical certificate must be filled out in a precise manner, or else you can be denied entry to Etape when you register in the days prior. In 2011, I saw an Italian guy being denied a start place as his Etape… Read the rest

Cyclist nutrition

Kapai Puku ingredients

I get lots of traffic to the site for people looking for a cycling nutrition. And those people are smart, because they're looking for a way to lose weight by controlling their diet. Let me tell you a little story. My weight's been a yo-yo since I was little. Chubby kid with problems with asthma… Read the rest

Cycling meal plan for weight loss

cycling meal plan for weight loss

I get lots of traffic to the site for people looking for a cycling meal plan for weight loss. And those people are smart, because they're looking for a way to lose weight by controlling their diet. Let me tell you a little story. My weight's been a yo-yo since I was little. Chubby kid… Read the rest

Finding the Cheapest Mobile Data In France

Mobile in France image

If you’re cycling through France, at some point you’re likely going to find yourself needing to make a phone call or wanting to use the Internet. Don’t think for a second that if you have the latest Android or iPhone you have nothing to worry about. In France, you can't even rely on public WiFi… Read the rest

Thank you, ANZACs

Geoffrey Treve Marsh RAAF 457 Squadron

As I rode to work today, I passed the local Uniting Church, which had a small yet poignant plot of white crosses signifying a remembrance field in preparation for Anzac Day. For those of you outside Australia, NZ, the UK and even Turkey, Anzac Day holds a special regard in our hearts. Its origins—slaughter at… Read the rest

Integrated under-seat storage: Cyckit review

Cyckit under seat integrated storage

Another cool little cycling project on Kickstarter: the Cyckit under-seat integrated storage clamshell. Pat from Cyckit contacted me to see if I was interested in reviewing his product and letting everyone in VeloNomad-land know about it. Here's the Cyckit integrated under seat storage review. The "bag" is compact, out of the way and light. It's… Read the rest

Velosure releases Travel and Gran Fondo Insurance

Damage to bike box

Velosure has just announced a new Travel and Gran Fondo Insurance product in conjunction with Cycling Australia. What’s good about this insurance is that you can add cover for events like Etape du Tour, La Marmotte and other sportives. Note: whilst in this article I'll mostly talk about insurance for Aussies, the basic tenets are applicable… Read the rest

Oakley M2 Frame Review

oakley M2 frame review: oakley M2 frame image

I've been using Oakley M Frames since about 1995. Back in year 11 of High School, I saved my #rse off by working at the golf club pro shop and local news agency and bought some ace crystal blue M-Frames. God I loved those sunnies. They lasted me until a truck knocked me off my… Read the rest

Scicon Aerocomfort 2 TSA bike bag review

Scicon Aerocomfort 2 TSA review images

In this Scicon Aerocomfort 2 TSA bike bag review review, we'll look at why version 2 of the Scicon Aerocomfort is a big improvement on the original version and why I think the Scicon Aerocomfort 2 TSA is probably the best bag on the bike travel bag market. Firstly, I want to give a HUGE… Read the rest

Taking camera to Tour de France

"If I could turn back time" is a famous song. I'm sure you've heard it. I don't regret much in life, but there are only 3 things I wish I could turn back time on. Two of them are: Riding the black diamond International DH trail at Mt Buller on an Avanti rim brake XC… Read the rest

Gran Fondo Tips: the complete list

Col du Soulor climb

Have you thought of everything? And I mean everything? With European Gran Fondo season soon upon us, it's now a good time to start making sure you've covered off everything. Your last minute Gran Fondo tips list includes: Training (commence, now)* Clean bike and Mechanical checks Nutrition Gearing Equipment housekeeping Plan of attack Race insurance Course… Read the rest

Cycling on Alpe d'Huez

You have to admit it. Riding faster with less effort: it sounds awesome, right? *Nod* Turns out this is easy and cheap. Simple equipment change, that won’t break the bank. (Or require dipping into that secret slush fund. "What secret slush fund?" Of course, of course, there isn't any secret slush fund. *wink wink*) But… Read the rest

Fly6 image

There aren't too many cyclists who don't have a story of a tangle with a car. Car door, run off the road, t-boned (all three for me!), rear projectile attack. It's like being in a warzone. The truth is, Australia is just a shitful place to be a cyclist, at least in terms of motorist… Read the rest

The Almost Complete Lowdown on Road Disc Brakes

Colnago Mapei C59 image

The Almost Complete Lowdown on Road Disc Brakes: cycling has a proud history of innovation and technical advancement: mountain bike disc brakes, power meters and electronic shifting are good examples. Some advancements are quite substantial—disc brakes on mountain bikes for example—and some are incremental, but still worthy, improvements (shifting, brake calipers etc). At their core… Read the rest