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Holiday Handbooks

There’s information everywhere, so cut to the chase with my expert & actionable how-to handbooks.

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Product Reviews

Thousands of people rely on my no BS, 100%-honest-to-God cycling product reviews.

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Expert reviews

Everything France

Watching the TDF, taking your bike, insurance, Etape, Marmotte, campervans and LOTS more.

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Gran Fondo Training

Think you can do Etape and other epic sportives without training? Bzzzzzzzt, wrong!

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Internet Overseas

Tweet your mates from the Alpe D’Huez and inspire fits of jealousy? Find out the best way.

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Prepaid SIM cards

Prepaid SIM cards for France and the EU: easy to use, calls/text/data and ready to use.

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Stretching, self-treatment, fuelling and more.

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The how, the what and the why: Etape, Marmotte, Haute Route and more.

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Videos & Podcasts

Video reviews, videos, podcasts, interviews and more.

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Ebook guides, musettes, Prepaid France and EU SIMs and more.

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The Archives

Bored? Al-tabbing at work? Dig in here and browse all the articles.

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About Velonomad

Who and what is Velonomad, contacts and more.

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