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About Tim and VeloNomad

About VeloNomad - Tim Marsh profile photo

About VeloNomad and Tim: Tim founded and runs VeloNomad and Sims Abroad. He is a telecommunications and systems engineer by trade, but with 13 years of experience running online businesses as well as bringing useful information to people all over the world as well as a bevy of experience in online marketing.

With a veritable truckload of experience in travel and logistics, Tim understands that hassle-free, enjoyable and cost-effective cycling holidays and adventures are important. He is relied upon to provide excellent advice to cyclists all over the world and has been featured on other cycling sites describing how to organise cycling trips.

You can contact Tim using one of the methods below. If you ever need help with your cycling trip, if you have a question about how to do something, or have an idea about something to add to VeloNomad, feel free to get in touch. He loves talking to customers and cyclists. Drop him a line here. If you have really detailed questions specific to your trip, your best bet is to book him for half an hour – check out the Trip Planning Concierge.

Tim lives in the Byron hinterland on 10 acres with his wife Kate, son Arthur, chooks, cows and goats, and hopefully a new golden retriever to replace the much-loved Poppins who passed away at only 1. He rides his bike all over the countryside, surfs in boardshorts most of the year (when it’s not too sharky), and grows avocados, mangos, bananas, coffee, macadamias, pecans and lots more.

For more information for media, advertising, product reviews and advertorial is available on this page.

About You

There’s something magical about being in France (or anywhere sunny and warm with your bike actually) and riding your bike.

I can’t quite put my finger on it; it’s just….magical.

Life seems so carefree once you finally get to your first destination, get the hire car or campervan and start driving. French signs, beautiful French towns.

Unpack your bike, get kitted up, swing your leg over and hear that satisfying “SNAP” as your cleats click into your pedals, you’re transformed.

Hey, you’re Cycling in France!

Everything seems better.

…It’s warm (you’ve maybe come from wintery Australia, brrrrrr!).
…The air smells good.
…Cars and trucks give you space, give a friendly toot and wave.
…Riding through the villages brings a smile to your face.
…And the villagers (especially the kids!) smile and wave, and a lot of the time clap encouragement.
…You ride along small country roads, through magical little villages. Each little house has its own story.
…If you’re like me, you are marvelling at old stone buildings, wondering who lives in there, what they do, and think to yourself “boy they are lucky to live here”.
…Your first big Col, and it is STEEEEEP. And long. But oh so fun. Don’t go too fast, there are lots more!
…Quintessential French cafes and restaurants.
…The smell of REAL, BUTTERY croissants (not the rubbish that passes for croissants here in Australia). Kerrrrunch and your teeth sink in through the outside, then hit the buttery, soft centre. Kind of wrecks it for croissants forever (Bakers Delight, no thanks!)
…Real French People, doing Real French Things (yes, this seems to consist of croissants, cafes, cheese and aperitifs).
…French cafes – AMAZING croissants. TERRIBLE coffee.
…Lunchtime picnics with INCREDIBLE baguettes (so soft, so rustic), creamy cheese.
…Endless other cyclists, all doing the same thing. All living the dream.

That’s what VeloNomad is about.

I am dedicated to helping YOU live this dream too. Not just for France, but for Spain, Italy, other places in Europe as well as Australia (perhaps you always wanted to see a kangaroo – they’re pretty fun, I promise – and visit the Tour Down Under).

You’ll learn all things you need to know, in order to plan your own dream cycling trip, by checking out the VeloNomad ebooks and articles.

Planning a Cycling Trip or Holiday in France?

Awesome! I am so excited for you! I still remember my first trip; it was SO EXCITING.

Although based in Australia, I have visited France on three occasions and ridden the Tour course (Etape du Tour) with groups three times. We’ve had some amazing experiences – and some we’d prefer to forget!

On each of my journeys, I have logged the best places we found to stay, to eat, to buy stuff, to call home, to get our bikes fixed…and for the past 3 years I’ve continued to research and build the notes into the most comprehensive book and series of articles you can get on how to plan a cycling trip in France.

The thing for an English-speaking person visiting France (like many countries), is simply not having local knowledge. The difference between the same meal, the same bed, or the same phone call, from one place to the next can be massive!

Readers tell me that the money and stress-saving tips in this book ALONE are worth the cost of the book (many times over)!

The ebooks and website are designed to be valuable for casual cycling holidays, as well as for the serious rider.

Trip Planning Concierge

For those completely overwhelmed by planning their cycling trip, I offer a concierge service. Check out the VeloNomad Cycling Trip Planning Concierge service if you need help planning any aspect of your trip.

Resource Page

The Resource Page is a great place to start in planning your trip. Chock full of useful articles and tools, it will help you get started.

Recommended Products and Product Reviews

I think the VeloNomad product reviews are pretty damned good – independent and very, very thorough. Anything that I haven’t discussed in relation to bike bags isn’t worth knowing! Check it out for all your cycling travel related products.