Campervanning France Guide

Campervan on the Lautaret

Check that image above out. Looks amazing right? This is the Col du Lautaret (which is right near the famed Col du Galibier) en route to a few days of croissants, coffee and riding the Alpe d’Huez.

Most of us have seen the campers parked on the side of the road whilst watching the cycling on the telly, and boy does it look fun.

And it seems so easy, right?

Hire camper.
Drive around.
Ride bike.
Enjoy oneself.


There are a bunch of tips and tricks you definitely need to know before booking a campervan based holiday.

After all you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars and end up not enjoying yourself, do you? (Wait, do you?!)

Enjoy a hassle-free campervan trip, saving hundreds of dollars along the way with this must-read guide.

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Campervanning around France is an absolutely awesome experience! However, there are lots of tips and insider tricks that will help make it even better AND save you money.

Planning a holiday overseas—especially a campervanning holiday—is a lot of work.

Most of us want to enjoy the planning without the hassle and loads of wasted time in forums and wading through Google search results.

It’s also always useful to use the experience of others to help yourself avoid pitfalls and tricks.

Now, you can save yourself all the time, hassle and get straight into the fun planning stuff for your next Campervanning Holiday.

The Campervanning France eBook is the ultimate guide to planning a campervanning trip in France.

This ebook will help you discover the inside tips and tricks that will make your trip as hassle-free as possible.

Top 5 Reasons You Need My Guide to Campervanning France

  • Campervanning is expensive – use my budget calculator to compare campervanning with car/hotels to see which is cheaper for you
  • Eliminate problems and pitfalls in your journey – all the insider tips and tricks
  • Save time and money and do it yourself with this eBook!
  • Easily organize self-guided tours to the Tour de France, Etape or just for a holiday!
  • Everything you need in one comprehensive, printable guide
  • See for yourself! Download a preview of this amazing guide to Campervanning in France.

    Learn from my Experience and Insights

    I’ve done multiple trips to France in campervans. I’ve spent over 50 days on the road in a campervan, driving all over France and the north of Spain. I’m a planning and logistics obsessive, and I’ve noted all the tips and tricks you’ll need to know to make your trip as awesome as possible.

    After my 2011 trip to the Tour and L’Etape du Tour, and spending thousands more dollars than I needed to, I decided to write a thorough and exhaustive guide on all aspects of Campervanning France, to ensure those following us would be able to save time, money and hassle based on our experience.

    Despite countless hours researching and planning this trip, AND a previous campervan trip to France, there were still many pitfalls we were unaware and unprepared for. Some of them cost us many hundreds of dollars.

    This guide is designed to make the planning and execution of your trip easy, hassle-free and cover all the angles, by showing you all the ins-and-outs and presenting the information you need, in one easy-to-read, single location.

    Campervanning around France is so awesome – And It Doesn’t Have to Be Hard to Organise

    Watching the Tour de France on TV, one thing that really stands out are the campervans. The campervans and their inhabitants are an important part of creating the Tour de France atmosphere.

    Campervanning France Guide: Col du Lautaret, 2009

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    It seems like such an awesome thing to do; hire a campervan and drive around France in the summer.

    It seems so romantic; sunshine, cycling, the Tour and seeing France.

    But, where to start? Who to book through? Is a campervan trip the most cost-effective way to travel? When should I book?

    Organising such an epic trip can be a lot of work. Most people want their trips to be as hassle and headache-free, and cost effective as possible.

    So to help you save time, hassle and money, I’ve taken all the hard work out of planning and researching your trip by putting everything you need to know in one comprehensive, handy, printable, guide to Campervanning France.

    This guide covers tips, tricks, pitfalls to watch out for and discusses everything you need to know to make sure that your Campervan Trip to France is as hassle-free and cost-effective as possible. It’s a comprehensive list of most things you’ll need to, or want to, know about planning a Campervan Holiday in France, with or without your bike, regardless of whether you’re seeing the Tour de France or not.

    What You’ll Get in Your Copy of Campervanning France

    The Campervanning France guide is chock-a-block full of the best information you’ll find on Campervanning France.

    In the guide, you’ll find out:

  • Car/Accommodation versus Camper: cost comparison download, pros/cons of each choice, other observations and “Get a Camper If…”
  • Pre Planning Work: Daily budget estimate covering food, tolls, fuel and campgrounds
  • Deciding on the type of campervan: which type according to who is going on your trip
  • Booking: What to Look for when Booking, Who to Book Through, Camper Locations, Extras (bike racks etc), Arrangements on Arrival, When to Book, When to Go, Depot Times, What to Do on Arrival
  • Before You Leave: Insurance, What to Pack
  • Taking Your Bike: to take your bike or not, What Bike to Take, Bike Gearing, Bike Bag (including links to the famous VeloNomad bike bag video reviews), Packing Your Bike Safely.
  • On Arrival: At the Depot, Checking the Camper, What to Do Before Driving Off, What to Buy on Arrival
  • On the Road: Autoroutes, Alternative Routes, Pulling Over, Towns (traffic, parking), Oncoming Traffic, Passing Trucks, Anticipating Traffic, Travel Times, Fuel, What to Do at Tolls, Parking for the Night, GPS/roadmaps, Campgrounds, What to Eat, Where to Stay, In the Supermarket and Campervan Maintenance
  • Riding: Where to Ride
  • Seeing the Tour: Planning, On the Day, Planning for all Weather
  • Etape du Tour
  • Going Home: Dropping Off the Campervan, Cleaning the Campervan, Damage to the Campervan, Getting Caught Out with Baggage
  • So, if you’re planning a trip to France (and surrounds) to campervan and perhaps follow the Tour de France, do L’Etape, or just to travel in France, you’re going to want this guide – over 70 pages jam-packed full of critical information, tips and research.

    So, you’re still not convinced?

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    You can use the Google Books preview of the Campervanning France guide below to check out a preview of the guide and make sure it’s right for you. You can also check the preview out here.

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