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Cycling Holiday Information and Links

Howdy! I’ll bet you agree that expert Cycling Holiday Information and Links will make for a smooth, hassle-free cycling holidays, right?

I also think you’ll agree that smooth, hassle-free trips are what most of us want, right?

Well, then, you’re in the right place.

Cycling Holiday Information and Links

Start with my Cycling Holiday Information and Links, follow my booking and on-the-road insights, so that you ensure your dream cycling holiday is hassle-free and totally memorable.

Initial Planning

“Can I afford this?”

Yes, you can.

This question is not to be confused with “should I afford this?” (see below – the answer though, is an unequivocal, yes.

Should I do this?

Yes, you should. Here’s a video why you should.

If you need to explain this to your significant other, who may or may not be a cyclist, ask him/her to watch the video. You can always sell this as a holiday with a bit of cycling. Then progressively sneak more riding in.

Where to start

Start with your goals (what to see, what to do), then work backwards from there:
Itinerary -> Airports -> Taking bike -> Baggage -> Airline

Airline image

Airline planning

Airlines and baggage

Car Or Camper?

Camping and campervanning

  • Campervanning France Guide covers a lot of information about camping (not just in campervans).
  • Nitry, off the highway, on the way to Evian/Lake Geneva
  • Camping Colporteur Bourg D’Oisans
  • Val D’Aran – Midi Pyrenees, Haute-Garonne – awesome place in Spain just over the French border – Aspet, Aspin, Peyresourde, Port de Bales, Portillon all nearby
  • Arreau (near Bagneres du Luchon) – Peyresourde, Ancizan, and a lot more. Stay in Bagneres du Luchon (over the Peyresourde) if possible but book early (very busy)
  • L’Escala (Spain) – awesome cycling but busy
  • Cadaques – near Dali’s home in Port Lligat – an epic place to holiday and cycle. Endless climbing.
  • Beaune – on the way to Paris from the south. Hard to find camping off the autoroutes without seriously exploring. This camp ground was awesome. Get there early.


Before you go

Practicalities like insurance are a necessary evil, right?

Read about my experiences, follow my lead, and I promise you won’t need to sweat the little things.




head right on over to my Overseas Prepaid Mobile Internet hub page. Lots of useful information, product comparisons and recommended products to get Prepaid Mobile Internet on your smartphone or tablet.

Document protection

It’s not sexy but it’s very important. Dropbox is your friend.

What to take on a cycling holiday

Get more information in the Cycling Through France Guide.

On the plane

Taking your bike overseas – yes or no

Answer is, it depends.

Money/credit cards, Visas

Get more information in the Cycling Through France Guide.

The trip

Finally, your trip is here! Nothing could be more exciting, I’ll bet (in fact, I am pretty jealous of whatever you’ve got planned).

All the tips and tricks below are based on my extensive experience on the road in France and Europe.

Read these tips, and you’ll have a smooth-sailing, kick-butt cycling holiday (and probably wonder what all the fuss was about. Good planning and execution, right?).

Tolls and Fuel

How to plan a cycling holiday to France and the Tour Part 4


Etape du Tour

Tour de France

I have a lot of TDF experiences to share with you. Pay particular attention to the lessons learnt links below as they contain invaluable lessons that will show you what to watch out for on the day.

Special Needs Eating

Gluten free and special needs eating in France

These tips are gold

Remember, I’ve done this several times and been through the stress and hassle of driving thousands of kilometres.

Bottom line? I know what I am talking about.

If you follow my planning tips and trips, then follow my booking and on-the-road insights, you’ll ensure your holiday is as hassle-free and totally memorable as possible.

More reading and Trip Help

If you want all in one guides or help with your trip: