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Cycling Holiday Travel Guides

VeloNomad started with just 10 articles and one ebook – Cycling through France – and has now expanded to hundreds of articles, musettes, steerer caps, and all the Cycling Holiday Travel Guides on this page.

Each ebook is chock full of information designed to make your cycling holiday AWESOME, hassle free and convenient as well as saving you time and money.

Cycling Through France

One of the most popular guides, this ebook is your go-to guide on how to plan a trip to France for cycling and non-cycling holidays.

Check out the Cycling Through France ebook.

Travelling and Cycling France Mini Guide

This is an edited extract of the Cycling Through France guide – it excludes Tour de France and Etape du Tour information so is designed for those who are just going on a cycling holiday.

Check out the Cycling Through France Mini Guide.

Etape Survival Guide

The Etape Survival Guide is an annual publication specific to that year’s Etape du Tour. In recent years the organisers have run two Etapes each year, so the ebook covers both.

The 2013 Etape Survival Guide is now available and is a must read for those who haven’t done Etape before, as well as being for cyclists who have never done an event like the Etape before.

Tackling L’Etape

Tackling L’Etape is the monster guide that shows you how to train for, plan a trip to and then recover properly from the Etape Du Tour.

Unlike the Etape Survival Guides (which are specifically written for each Etape), this is a general guide covering a whole range of information.

The guide includes an Etape-specific training guide, nutrition information and a lot more. It is a perfect pairing to the Cycling Through France guide.

Read more about the Tackling L’Etape ebook.

Training for Etape

The Training for Etape guide is an edited extract of the training guide contained in the Tackling L’Etape ebook, so is great for those who just need a training plan for Etape du Tour.

The training plan has been purposely designed to be very flexible and adaptable to your everyday lifestyle and commitments.

Check out the Training for Etape guide.

Etape Du Tour Mini Guide

The is an edited extract of the Tackling L’Etape guide, but excludes the training and recovery sections, so is specifically about the logistics of an Etape.

Check out the Etape Mini Guide.

Campervanning France

The Campervanning France guide is a MUST READ for those considering a campervanning trip in France.

Even if you have already decided to campervan France, or if you are tossing it up, I strongly recommend this guide.

Campervanning in France can be quite a hassle and very expensive, and this guide provides all the information you need, to make sure you make the right choice and have a hassle-free, fun holiday.

Click here to read more about Campervanning France.

Cycling the Atlantic Pyrenees

The Atlantic Pyrenees are one of my favourite places to ride – so much so, that I rode a guide specifically for the area.

Check out the Cycling the Atlantic Pyrenees Guide.