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Cycling Recovery, Performance and Nutrition

Let’s get real: being a fast cyclist or spending hours in the saddle days in a row (hello, Haute Route!) isn’t just about training and spending lots of money on light-weight components, is it?

Nope. (Well, maybe, kinda, a little…)

Knowing how to recover, what to eat afterwards (and before), as well as ensuring you’re in great condition, are just as important.

Whilst I could write thousands of words on the topic, here are some great starting points.

Cycling Recovery

Fuelling and Nutrition

Fuelling properly is an enabler of good recovery.

Don’t forget, too, recovering quickly is a function of general fitness.

Physical recovery and conditioning

Cycling condition is a function of fuelling, training and general condition.

This means nice limber limbs and and loose, non-knotted muscles.

Below is a little video showing how I use a foam roller and other mediaeval approaches to try to maintain muscles free of knots.