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Etape Training Plans

Looking for Etape Training Plans or Etape Training Programs? You’re in the right spot.

These Etape training plans have been developed for VeloNomad specifically to help riders get the strength and endurance required to survive a ride like Etape du Tour (or equally, La Marmotte or some other epic sportif).

VeloNomad training plans

Training for Etape – for everyone (16 weeks): HEART RATE BASED

This is a stand alone guide providing training for 16 weeks leading into Etape. For most people with some training/racing/climbing experience, this will be adequate for some Etape conditioning.

Read more about the Training for Etape guide.

Training for Etape – Elite (8 weeks)

This is a stand alone guide providing training for 8 weeks leading into Etape. For experienced riders (high intermediate, expert, elite) only as this is starts from a high level.

6 month Etape Training Program (closed until Jan 2015)

Open from early January each year and closing around January 14th each year (depending on Etape timing), this program is intended to have you peak for Etape.

More info and sign up here.

Cycling Training Program

The VeloNomad Cycling Training Program is a subscription based training program delivering you your weekly training program at the start of each week.

Framed around 12 week training blocks, after each block you graduate to the next level.

This is the cost effective way to get a quality cycling training program without the expensive monthly charge if you had a personal coach.

The VeloNomad Cycling Training Program is ideal if you want to do Etape.

The beginner level also accommodates people who need to lose some weight at the same time as building endurance and base fitness.

It’s also ideal for those with racing/training experience, who want to focus on training just for epic mountain sportifs.

Check out the VeloNomad Cycling Training Program page for more information.