Guide to Taking Your Bike Overseas

Your decision on whether you’ll be Taking Your Bike Overseas could have a big effect on your cycling trip, not to mention your trip budget.

Make the wrong decision and you could be either cursing your bike, or cursing the fact you didn’t bring it!

Have you tried to find an authoritative source of information on Taking Your Bike Overseas?

There isn’t one. Until now.

Every person has a a different take on Taking Your Bike Overseas and the problem is that most articles are written according to the writer’s biases.

Taking Your Bike Overseas can be a pain

Trust me when I tell you that having your own bike when you’re overseas is really awesome.

You can head out for a ride whenever you please, and don’t have to worry about hire shops.

(I must admit, riding down from Mont Ventoux on a warm night at 8PM is tres delightful!)

However, it’s not all beer and skittles.

Lugging a bike around on your holiday – unless you’re prepared for it – can be a total pain.

Dragging a bike around the airport, getting taxis, hiring bigger cars, storing your bike bag, trains – you need to consider everything through the prism of what the focus of your trip is.

I’ve been through the travails of taking a bike overseas for a cycling holiday (several times).

I know the ins and outs, and I want you to know, too.

The Guide to Taking Your Bike Overseas

The VeloNomad Guide to Taking Your Bike Overseas discusses the ins and outs of taking your bike overseas versus hiring a bike, and a whole lot more!

What you get when you get your Guide to Taking Your Bike Overseas

  • Pros and cons of taking your bike overseas
  • Pros and cons of hiring a bike
  • What to take and packing
  • At the airport, taxis, leaving your bike at the airport
  • Taxis
  • Trains – general considerations
  • Trains in France
  • Trip logistics (family members etc)
  • Excess baggage
  • Insuring your bike
  • Bike bag

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Taking Your Bike Overseas Guide Contents

Here’s what you get in the guide to Taking Your Bike Overseas.

  1. Page 6: Hiring a bike vs Taking Your Bike
  2. Page 7: Taking your own bike – the low down
  3. Page 8: Hiring a bike – the low down
  4. Page 10: What to take and packing
  5. Page 11: At the airport – Getting Around
  6. Page 11: At the airport – taxis
  7. Page 11: At the airport – leaving your bike at the airport
  8. Page 12: Trains – general considerations
  9. Page 13-15: Bikes and trains in France – the train system, exceptions, TER trains, Intercities, Intercities de Nuit
  10. Page 15: Getting your bike shipped to France
  11. Page 16: Trip logistics, purpose and members
  12. Page 16: Things to think about: comfort and familiarity of bike
  13. Page 16: Excess baggage rules
  14. Page 18-20: Insurance
  15. Page 20: Bike bag
  16. Page 22: So, what should you do
  17. Page 24 onwards: resources and links