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Nutrition Plan for Cyclists

How to Eat Well and Get Fitter and Faster

Getting fit for cycling is hard

Losing weight is hard work. (Whether it’s initial weight loss or fine tuning.)
There is no easy solution.

Fuelling for Cyclists

Fuelling for Cyclists

You’ve probably tried lots of different things, perhaps started a plan with good intentions.
…Maybe you saw some results, maybe not.
…Maybe knowing what to eat was confusing – there are lots of mixed messages.
…Maybe it was all too hard.
…Maybe it was too complex.

But, for whatever reason, you trailed off. And probably gained weight again. Or plateaued and found hard to eliminate fat just refused to disappear.

The thing is, it doesn’t have to be like this.

If you’re ready to see the solution to this problem, skip straight through to the Nutrition Plan for Cyclists.

Why we sometimes fail

As humans, we tend to like things to be pretty easy.

Marketers KNOW people like things to be easy and therefore market “silver bullets” that promise to solve all your problems (usually in a pill).

I’m here to tell you that despite our wishes to the contrary, there are:

  • No magic pills
  • No silver bullets
  • No short cuts

Let’s be honest about supplements

Who hasn’t tried some crazy sounding supplement (that you read about on the net, or your mate told you about) in order to “burn fat, faster”, get leaner, get stronger or any combination of those.

And who can blame you?

Certainly not me. I’ve been party to all of this in the quest for faster legs in the mountains.

There’s nothing worse than watching people burn you off up a mountain climb with seeming ease, as you hurt and hurt. (And hurt.)

There’s nothing worse than having mountain bikers (dual suspension!) pass you on the road to work.

I’ve tried CLA tablets, Acetyl L Carnitine, Optygen and contemplated all manner of supplements, as well as spending mind-boggling sums of money.

Sound familiar?

You probably reasoned with yourself that it would work. And hey, sometimes it seems it did.

You’re likely an intelligent and reasonable person, who can determine the merits of a supplement by doing a lot of research about it.

After all, there’s not much point spending money on something that’s not going to work, right?

I have a small number of supplements that work. Or at least, I thought they did until a recent 90 minute interview with a sports dietitian…

How to do this properly

To lose weight and get fit for cycling, you must:

  • Stop guessing at what to eat
  • Stop listening to your mates
  • Stop experimenting
  • Stop wasting time
  • Stop wasting money

If you can stop doing these things, and start following this very simple plan I’m about to show you, you’ll be:

  • Fitter for longer
  • Fit for cycling the sustainable way
  • Fit for cycling the effective way

Fit for cycling, the smart way.

A solution for ordinary people that works

Succeeding in your healthy eating isn’t rocket science (it is a bit of science and maths though).

It’s not pills, concoctions and powders.

For the ordinary person, all you need is…

  1. A simple, effective, convenient nutrition plan
  2. Discipline
  3. Commitment
  4. A training plan1

Simple, repetitive nutrition

Seriously, the food message these days is so mixed up, it’s just crazy.

“Don’t eat this!”
“DO eat that!”

And the stuff that’s good and bad changes all the time (or so it seems).

One day potatoes are SO BAD, one day they’re a superfood.

How are we supposed to know what we should be doing? How on earth can we succeed?

I’m here to give you permission to forget almost everything you’ve heard.

Forget about “don’t drink alcohol”.
Forget about not eating chocolate.
Forget about not eating potatoes or toasted cheese sangas!

Sure, if you’re training for the Hawaiian Ironman, you might want to forgo alcohol, chocolate and whatever else.

But for most of us, eating doesn’t have to be so black and white.
For most of us, things aren’t that extreme. You don’t *have* to be that strict (but you certainly can, if you want to maximise your results).
It doesn’t need to be ultra-obsessive.

It’s not a case of “I shouldn’t eat this.”
It’s a case of “today, can I afford to eat this?”

It all comes down to eating simply, repetitively, doing some exercise, and a simple truism: “Calories in < Calories out”.

Who am I and How I know all this

Can I let you in on a little secret? I used to be 88kg (I’m 5’7″ so I was a porker). Fat. Unfit. Unhappy.

Fuelling for Performance - Etape 2011

Fuelling for Performance - Etape 2011

But then, I started riding to work.

I lost 25kg in 2 years, eating sensibly, burning more energy than I ate, and still enjoying occasional (like once or twice a week) treats.

Yep. I’m Tim Marsh and I’ve been clean for 4 years. I’ve weighed 63kg (+/- 3kg) for this period. I eat a lot now. I eat treats. But I do it sensibly (although the chocolate cake in the oven is calling me a liar!)

I also have spent a lot of cash chasing the performance dragon as a B grade racer who can climb a bit.

…trying to maximise fat burn
…trying to maximise sprint capability
…trying to blast people in the Etape

Want to know what? Most of my money, time and effort was wasted on stuff that had no credibly proof of working.

Learning how to solve this

In June 2012, I sat down for an incredibly insightful interview with Alan McCubbin.

We covered a huge range of topics over 90 minutes (you can check out the transcript and some audio in the articles section).

Alan knows this stuff inside and out. He is accredited sports dietitian, nutritionist and is VP of Sports Dietitians Australia. He’s worked with Olympians and mid to high end cyclists.

He doesn’t believe in fads. Just science. And what works.

I wanted to come up with an eating plan for cyclists, that gave you a flexible, effective plan that you could actually follow.

I wanted you to have something that you could adapt to your busy lifestyle.
…that didn’t make you feel bad if you had a treat
…that gave you a framework to succeed.
…that was easy, convenient, effective and simple.

The result?

Fuelling for Cyclists

Fuelling for Cyclists

Fuelling for Cyclists – the Nutrition Plan for Cyclists

Fuelling for Cyclists is a bona fide, no-shortcuts, hard-work, effective Cyclists Nutrition Plan.

Constructed by Alan McCubbin – an accredited nutritionist and sports dietitian – in conjunction with myself, it’s been made for cyclists like you, by a cyclist like you.

How this will benefit you

I’m confident that if you follow this plan and combine it with a sensible training program, you’ll lose weight and get fitter and faster.

…No more guessing about what to eat – plan ahead and avoid snacking.
…No more wondering if you should or shouldn’t eat something.
…No more wasting money and time on supplements.
…Plan ahead for your eating, taking the stress out of thinking about meals.

Remember, this is a lifestyle, NOT A DIET.

What you’ll get

The Fuelling for Cyclists guide contains a simple eating framework that you’ll follow week in, week out.

A science-based weekly eating plan consisting of food designed to support weight loss AND high performance.

The 8 top reasons you need this guide…

  • It’s simple and easy to follow.
  • It’s flexible and adaptable to your circumstances (work, kids, lifestyle).
  • It’s clear, effective, credible and thorough.
  • Know what to eat, and when.
  • Save money – no need for crazy supplements.
  • Plan ahead – no last minute meal decisions.
  • No more guess work or experimenting – start using something that works. Save time and effort.
  • Get product recommendations on protein powder, as well as what to look for when buying protein.

“Is it right for me?”

This guide is for you if:

  • You want to start losing weight and get bike fit
  • You who want to shed some stubborn weight
  • You are training hard and need proper nutrition support to make sure you don’t burn out

It doesn’t matter if you have little fitness
…Or if you’re older
…Or young
…Or fit
…Or fat

We’ve got you covered. Eating healthily – it’s pretty much the same for everyone.

It’s broken into two parts – Fuelling for Health and Fuelling for Performance.

Fuelling for Health concentrates on eating for weight loss.

Fuelling for Performance (Etape, sportifs and racing) builds upon the Fuelling for Health framework and adds extra calories (mainly as carbohydrates) to help support your training program.

Save time, money and hassle, and for a limited time, save 20%

For a limited time save 20% on the AUD$49 price this guide will end up at.

Get Fuelling for Cyclists – the Nutrition Plan for Cyclists now as an instant PDF download.

PLEASE NOTE: This product is in ebook format only. You will not receive a hard copy.

REFUND POLICY: I’m so confident you will be completely satisfied with your purchase, that you’ll receive your money back, guaranteed, no questions asked, if you’re not happy with the Fuelling for Cyclists Plan

PS: If you had a nutritionist or dietitian consult with you for this type of plan, you’d probably pay $100 plus. So this is great value.

PPS: If you want to bundle this with the Fuelling for Etape (and other gruelling events), you can do that too. Fuelling for Etape is worth the exact same amount. Right now, you can get them both for $45, a saving of 42% off the standard price of $78.


What about vegetarian, vegan and lactose intolerant/coeliac diets?
Rest easy! We’ve included substitutes for these foods.
What if I am not happy with the ebook?
You’ll get your money back. Before buying please understand: THERE ARE NO SHORTCUTS in this plan. If you buy this plan looking for shortcuts, you’re going to be disappointed and want your money back, and I don’t want that for either of us.
I need a training plan too!
Two options here, bucko! You can check out the Etape Training Plan, which is for those training for Etape du Tour, or wanting to get better in the mountains. You can subscribe to the mailing list to get informed when the VeloNomad training plans go live. Read more about the VeloNomad Cycling Training Program here.

1VeloNomad training page.

It’s cost-effective, it’s flexible, and it just works.