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Podcast: 666km non stop Alps ride – interview with Mike Cotty

In this very first ever VeloNomad podcast I chat with Mike Cotty.

Mike is a serious bike rider. He tells me he does 450 miles per week (over 700km) and recently rode 666km non stop through the Alps.

The route took him from Evian to Nice, took him 36 hours or so, and covered 16,000km of ascending.

In the podcast we talk about why he undertook such a mental effort, training, gearing, recovery, mentally coping and some other every day training information.

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by Tim Marsh

Tim is an ex Melbournite now living near Byron Bay on 10 acres, happily growing mangos, avocados and lots of other stuff, with his wife Kate, son Arthur and adorable Golden Retriever, Whiskey (RIP our 1YO G/R Poppins :( ).

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