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Windblox Review

Wind-Blox Review

There are a couple of products on the market that help reduce wind noise when you’re on the bike, and we’ll look at one of them in this Windblox review. You can watch my video Windblox review below, or here on YouTube. Wind. It’s a fact of life on the bike. Its presence causes grown […] Read More

walleva lenses review

Oakley replacement lenses: Walleva lenses review

In this Walleva Lenses Review, one thing became startlingly obvious: Oakley has become such a dominant force that it’s hard to review another sunglasses product without anchoring to a comparison with Oakley. Rightly or wrongly (I think rightly), Oakley is the gold standard by which all other lenses are judged. I honestly cannot think of […] Read More

Ride Mechanic Review: Bike Juice, Bike Milk, Zalish and Avaqua

It truly is an unedifying spectacle to turn up to your local race with your go-fast bike covered in insect debris. It’s even worse getting home knowing you’ve got double the debris to remove. Not even the warming glow from snaffling that C grade win soaking into your skin on the trip back down the […] Read More


Etape Australia review: is it worth it? (Unrehearsed Ambivalence)

In this Etape Australia review, I’ll answer the question “Should I do Etape Australia?” It’s a fair question, and one I’ll answer with ruthless honesty as always. (OK, to be technically accurate, this is a pre-review of the event. Etape Australia carries the imprimatur of the ASO and the heavy weight L’Etape du Tour. That, […] Read More

avoid excess fees when flying with your bike: Australian edition

Avoid excess fees when flying with your bike

Want to avoid excess fees when flying with your bike? Look no further! When traveling with your bicycle it’s important to know what the spiel is with excess baggage, but many airlines like to make it as difficult as possible for you to find out what the additional luggage charges are. Many of you who […] Read More