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Cycling Holidays Information and Resource Page

Useful Information

Overseas Cycling Trip Information – what you need to know
Cycling trip itineraries – these prove invaluable to me in helping clarify where I want to go and see, transit plans between towns, and where to be, when.
How to Book a Campervan and Campervan Information
Don’t overpack – pack light and smart
Cycling through France Series
Prepaid 3G in France
Gearing for Etape
How to Pack Your Bike in the Polaris BikePod
How to pack your bike in the EVOC bike bag
The best way to get your bike overseas
Special Needs Eating
Training for the Mountains (and how to improve your climbing)
Correct High Speed Wobbles (and descend properly)

Product Reviews

EVOC Bike Travel Bag review
Scicon Aero Comfort Plus Bike Bag review
Bikebag Shootout 1
Packing your bike safely
Product Review Page
Fueling for Etape (SIS gels and products)
Protecting your helmet with Giro and EVOC helmet bags
2XU compression garments (great for international flights)
Cycling the Alps – AWESOME resource for planning Alpine assaults, in 3D!