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Independent Cycling Product Reviews

The Independent Cycling Product Reviews by VeloNomad contains all the products I (mostly) use and recommend myself. Most of these links are affiliate links, so if you click through and buy something, I’ll get a small (3%-5%) commission on any sale. It doesn’t cost you anything extra, and helps keep the lights on, so thanks you guys, the support is awesome.

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From reader Tom: “Hey Tim,

Your bike bag reviews are absolutely fantastic. I’ve decided on 2 x Biknd bags purely based on your review. We’ve been doing the carboard box thing for the last few years but after buying 2 new 10k+ road bikes it’s time we invested in some proper protection. Thanks for the great free content!!”

Wind-Blox Review

Windblox Review

There are a couple of products on the market that help reduce wind noise when you’re on the bike, and we’ll look at one of them in this Windblox review. You can watch my video Windblox review below, or here on YouTube. Wind. It’s a fact of life on the bike. Its presence causes grown […] Read More

Oakley replacement lenses: Walleva lenses review

walleva lenses review

In this Walleva Lenses Review, one thing became startlingly obvious: Oakley has become such a dominant force that it’s hard to review another sunglasses product without anchoring to a comparison with Oakley. Rightly or wrongly (I think rightly), Oakley is the gold standard by which all other lenses are judged. I honestly cannot think of […] Read More

Ride Mechanic Review: Bike Juice, Bike Milk, Zalish and Avaqua

It truly is an unedifying spectacle to turn up to your local race with your go-fast bike covered in insect debris. It’s even worse getting home knowing you’ve got double the debris to remove. Not even the warming glow from snaffling that C grade win soaking into your skin on the trip back down the […] Read More

Swiftwick Socks review: the best cycling socks in the galaxy

Swiftwick Sock Review

I can’t remember how I discovered Swiftwick socks but I am glad I did. They’re the best damned socks I’ve ever worn. I am sure if RM Williams was still alive, and they were made in Oz, he’d wear ’em. They’re that bloody good. If you’ve never heard of them, don’t be surprised: they were […] Read More

Indigo5 Bike Light Review

Here’s my video Indigo5 Bike Light review for the TL;DR amongst you. Backstory I see two uses for lights: see and be seen be seen In a city like Melbourne (or indeed any other major city), in early mornings or late evening, there’s a lot of incidental light (street lights and traffic). This slightly negates […] Read More