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Tour de France Trip Reports

Tour de France trip report

Here are most of the Tour de France trip reports from VeloNomad trips.

These reports only cover the Tour de France stages from these trips. However, there are lots of other articles from those trips scattered around the site which usually have loads of photos and things to see and do.

2009 Tour de France Trip Reports

The 2009 Tour de France trip was with my friend Michael and we drove all over the place in a campervan. There was way too much driving, but lots of amazing riding. The 2009 Etape up Mont Ventoux was on our itinerary and that was a blast.

2010 Tour de France Trip Reports

I headed to France in 2010 after being very ill with hyperthyroidism (caused by Bonsoy soy milk of all things) and pretty unfit (I look quite overweight in the photos). We stayed in one place in the Pyrenees and just watched the Tour and rode. The Tour de France stages were a bit of a write off but still, it was great,

Tour de France trip reports: Contador, Aubisque, 2010

Contador, 2010

2011 Tour de France Trip Reports

In 2011, Kate and I headed to France and did the trip in a campervan, taking in northern Spain as well. We did too much driving, probably, and didn’t see as many touristy things as we’d have like. I would have liked a touch more riding too. Doing Ventoux 3 times in a day was a blast, as was Catalunya.