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Advertising copy is usually a lot of bollocks about value propositions and exposure.

I respect your intelligence so bollocks you I shall not.

If you require a snazzy media kit, please contact me.

Here’s what this page covers: Advertising, Reviews and Advertorial/Editorial.


Here’s what advertising on VeloNomad gets you

  • Access to a significant mailing list, mainly distributed in English speaking countries comprising predominantly Australia, the US/Canada and the UK.
  • Around 10,000-25,000 unique visits per month from April to Oct, dropping off to between 2k-5k in the “off season”.
  • Various banner advertising slots
  • The ability to exclusively or non exclusively brand ebooks with a reduction in ebook price to zero in some cases

Please contact me for a media kit with more information.

You can choose to target web visitors, mailing list subscribers, ebook readers or target viewers on highly trafficked pages or categories.

VeloNomad Article Topics Cover

  • Cycling trips to France for the Tour de France and Etape – this is the primary focus.
  • Everything about the Etape du Tour.
  • Campervanning in France.
  • Getting Prepaid Internet on smartphones when overseas.
  • Product reviews: bike bags, tools, travel accessories, travel/training/Etape bikes, nutrition and lots more.
  • Airlines and baggage.
  • And lots, lots more.


If you wish for your product to appear on VeloNomad, simply contact me.

Reviews can cover any cycling product.

It is VeloNomad policy not to pay for products. Products can be returned at your discretion.

Advertorial and Editorial

If you wish for a cycling related article to appear on the website, simply contact me.

Generally these articles attract an annual cost though I may waive this in some cases.