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Etape du Tour Guide


Thought About Tackling L’Etape du Tour But Worried It Was Beyond You?

Well, worry no more, because help is at hand.

The VeloNomad Etape du Tour Guide contains over 80 pages of critical information and research designed to help you plan a trip to, train for, undertake then recover from L’Etape du Tour.

I’ve previously tackled L’Etape several times and have experienced the highs and lows of this epic undertaking.

I’ve taken copious notes on what works and what doesn’t in Tackling L’Etape (and travelling to and within France in general) and have now compiled my insights into a guide designed to help you not just “do” L’Etape, but smash it. I’ve taken all the hard work and hours of researching out of it for you, and compiled my insights, tips and tricks, combined them with my obsession with logistics, to provide a the most comprehensive guide on L’Etape du Tour.

If you’ve never ridden the L’Etape or a French Sportive for that matter, Tim’s Tackling Etape Guide will give you all the tools to succeed. Tim is a L’Etape veteran with extensive knowledge on travelling in France. You won’t find a more compact and extensive travel and ride guide anywhere on the web. Putting it out as an ebook was a great idea. You can carry Tim’s knowledge with you on your iphone/iPad or PC. A must read for anyone trying to complete the L’Etape in good standing.

Markus Neurt,

In this comprehensive Etape du Tour Guide, you’ll learn:

  • What L’Etape is
  • Who the Etape is for (it’s not just for elite cyclists)
  • How to get there (logistical considerations)
  • Quick discussion on hire car, accommodation
  • Links to Information on Baggage
  • Bike packing
  • Booking accommodation (this is important!)
  • The 1 Key Thing you need to know to ensure you can finish, and how to work it out
  • How to prepare for it (training and nutrition) including access to discounted copy of specially-written training plan
  • Before the ride (what to do, what not to do)
  • Post-ride (eating, stretching, activity)
  • How to stretch *properly*
  • Self-treatment for sore muscles – outlined plus access to discounted copy of specially-written recovery guide.

See for yourself! Download a preview of this amazing guide to L’Etape du Tour.

This guide covers tips, tricks, pitfalls to watch out for and discusses everything you need to know to make sure that Your Dream Trip as hassle-free and enjoyable as possible. It’s a comprehensive list of most things you’ll need to, or want to, know about Tackling L’Etape.

This guide is designed to make the planning and execution of your trip easy, hassle-free and cover all the angles, by showing you all the ins-and-outs and presenting the information you need, in one easy-to-read, single location.

Worried About Training For Etape du Tour and Being Fit?

The VeloNomad Etape du Tour Training Plan, developed by Mark Fenner especially for VeloNomad readers who are Tackling L’Etape, gives you a program designed specifically to get you ready and fit enough to not just survive through the ride, but do well at it. After all, we want you to enjoy the ride, not to just “survive” through it.

Why spend all that money to go through an 8-hour suffer-fest!

This Training Guide is not included with the Tackling L’Etape Guide. It is available in the premium pack (Tackling L’Etape PLUS Training). You’ll also be sent a discount code when you get your copy of Tackling L’Etape which will be able to be used on the Training Guide.

L’Etape is not something the average cyclist should just turn up and and ride; it requires meticulous planning, training and execution to ensure you finish it and don’t suffer cramps or even worse, have to abandon.

Tim Marsh, VeloNomad

Worried About Recovering?

Why wake up after L’Etape aching everywhere?

With the Recovering from L’Etape section, you’ll learn what you need to do to recover properly including how to stretch properly.

And if you want an in-depth, blow-by-blow guide with photos showing you how to treat your own muscles and niggles, the Cyclists Zen Body guide will be an invaluable addition to your Etape arsenal.

Developed in conjunction with Trent Harris of Bayside Myotherapy, this is your in-depth recovery and body conditioning guide. Trent is a masseur to pros like Simon Gerrans and Greg Henderson as well as helping Team Sky when they come to Oz, so he knows his stuff.

This 50-page section takes you through step-by-step instructions – with photos – showing you how to take care of yourself.

Good not just for L’Etape, but whenever you have a niggle.

Go premium – the ultimate Etape du Tour Guide pack

The Premium pack represents AUD$153 in value and comprises 3 main sections:

  • Etape Guide: all the general information about L’Etape including transport, logistics, baggage rules, taking your bike, important dates, how to enter and much more – AUD$19 value.
  • Training Plan: Developed by FTP Training for VeloNomad Readers, a plan like this would ordinarily cost $AUD200 for a custom plan. You can use this training plan over and over.
  • Recovery Guide: in depth recovery guide with stretches, massage and self-treatment, instructions and photos to help you recover and maintain top body condition, not just after L’Etape but all the time – AUD$47 value.

You Won’t Find a Better Etape du Tour Guide Than This

When coupled with my Guide to Cycling Through France, which covers in detail the logistical and planning aspects of your dream trip to France, you have all the information at your fingertips to ensure you can easily and effectively plan the trip of a lifetime.

PLEASE NOTE: This product is in ebook format only. You will not receive a hard copy.

REFUND POLICY: I’m so confident you will be completely satisfied with your purchase, that you’ll receive your money back, guaranteed, no questions asked, if this isn’t the best information you’ve read on the Tour de France and L’etape du Tour!

Get the Guide to Tackling L’Etape now for only AUD$47, delivered via as a PDF for immediate download. Note, there is no hardcopy of this book. It is electronic only.

Still Not Sure it’s Right for You?

Hey, that’s cool.

“…thanks for putting together such a fantastic guide. The info has been incredibly helpful…our first Etape would have been a disaster if not for your guide.”

Jessica, happy Tackling L’Etape customer and Excited Etapper!

You can use the Google Books preview of the Tackling L’Etape guide below to check out a preview of the guide and make sure it’s right for you. You can also check the preview out here.

Convinced Now?

Awesome. Get The Guide by clicking the Buy Now button below.

PLEASE NOTE: This product is in ebook format only. You will not receive a hard copy.

REFUND POLICY: I’m so confident you will be completely satisfied with your purchase, that you’ll receive your money back, guaranteed, no questions asked, if this isn’t the best information you’ve read on the Tour de France and L’etape du Tour!