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You can also find the newer (and much better produced) Velonomad videos on YouTube.

All the old ones are included below. Yes, some of them are terrible, I’ll fix them one day.

(TDFtips is the old name of Velonomad.)

How to pack your bike in the EVOC Bike Travel bag

EVOC Bike Travel Bag Review

Bike Bag shootout

Doesn’t include BikND Helium or Scicon Aerocomfort 2 TSA (but includes the older, less awesome, Scicon Aerocomfort Plus).

Radarlock lense removal

Scicon AeroComfort Plus review long version

Scicon Aerocomfort Plus review

EVOC Bike Travel Bag Review

EVOC Bike Travel Bag Review

Packing Light and Smart for your trip

Recovering from Etape (and other sportives)

Last minute Etape preparation

Etape 2013 Promo

Etape 2010

Around the world in 2010

Live your dream cycling trip

Etape 2009

Where’s Tom Boonen

Ride pre Stage 13 2009 TDF


Velonomad podcasts are here.